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But sometimes we get sad about things and we don’t like to tell other people that we are sad about them. We like to keep it a secret. Or sometimes we are sad but we don’t really know we are sad. So we say we aren’t sad. But really we are.
— Mark Haddon, The Curious Incident of the Dog In the Night-Time (via expeditum)

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sophie turner + being a harry potter nerd

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I think I got underpaid so I have to go look at my pay stub tonight. I was expecting nearly $800 and was only paid $650

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can’t believe it’s all over 😔#squamtown #myfavouritespot #bye  (at Sea To Sky Highway)


can’t believe it’s all over 😔#squamtown #myfavouritespot #bye (at Sea To Sky Highway)

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it must be really wild to actually have a positive relationship with your father



some people really have that????

that’s insane

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living in a small town is wonderful

  • are there a lot of modes of transportation? nope! you either drive or you’re out of luck basically
  • are there a lot of job opportunities? no! of course not
  • are there things to do? hang out at the grocery store or go to the only movie theater the town has!
  • are the people nice? of course not! not at all!
  • are you close to anything interesting? nope! everything interesting happens hours away and you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere
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And thank you, Mr. Moseby. For taking care of me all these years.

the relationship between these two was far more interesting than just about anything disney channel has ever produced

He was the father figure in her life  because her dad was never around. I’m crying 

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Of course, not only is all crime a sociological phenomenon, but also without a broader sociological analysis we can’t begin to understand why the rates of missing and murdered indigenous women are tragically high compared to non-indigenous women. Furthermore, it’s clear that if rates of violence against non-indigenous women climbed as high as those of indigenous women, this government (even with its woeful record on women’s issues) would be more likely to announce not only a public inquiry but a full-scale national strategy. (This double-standard in how we value human lives is what sociologists call “racism.”)
Jakeet Singh, assistant professor, Department of Politics & Government, Illinois State University. (via allthecanadianpolitics)

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no one ever says that Rome needed help from aliens to build their empire

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every year the marauders probably sat in the same spot on the hogwarts express, from when they were little bitty eleven-year-olds to the last time they rode away from the place where they found home and family, practicing silly spells and trading chocolate frog cards and planning the year’s pranks or the summer’s gatherings 

and when remus rode to hogwarts to teach, he probably sat in that same spot and thought that the silence was louder than four teenage boys ever were. 

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Glad I’m moving out again. It is literally impossible to get any rest or get anything done with my mom home

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